Chicago, IL - Hatch The Chicken

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Homestead Rob & Susan now offer Hatch The Chicken to Chicago and surrounding areas.
Rent The Chicken - Chicago

2022 Hatch The Chicken Rental Package - $185
  • Five week rental
  • We offer rentals in Chicago in April, May, October, and November.
  • Delivery, setup, and pick-up (within the parameters of the Free Delivery area outlined below)
  • Mini incubator
  • Seven fertile eggs
  • High powered "candling light" to examine the eggs during incubation
  • Rent The Chicken Chick Starter Kit - brooder box, wood shavings, chick feed, water dish, feed dish, and heat source
  • Quick guide on caring for the incubator, fertile eggs, and chicks
  • A copy of the book "Where Do Chicks Come From?" by Amy E. Sklansky for you to keep
To schedule your Hatch The Chicken delivery, call us toll-free at 844-310-8782 today or click below to pay online via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required)!

Additional Notes:
Hatch The Chicken renters who are participating in Rent The Chicken with coordinated delivery or pick-up of both Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken receive a $25 discount.

Possible Transportation Fees
Our Hatch The Chicken rentals include FREE DELIVERY to Chicago, Illinois. If you live outside of the metropolis of Chicago, you may incur a predetermined yearly transportation fee. The value of delivery & pickup to Chicago is $200; however, we only charge the fee for Hatch The Chicken and not the added transportation fees as we deliver and pick-up when we are already coming to the area for our Rent The Chicken deliveries and pickups in the specified months above. We ask for flexibility with the delivery dates as we coordinate with our Rent The Chicken trips. Rentals are delivered from Casspolis, Michigan.